Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hello world! - in python

Hello World! - in python  print() statement

Traditionally we notice that, when someone learn a new language in computer science commonly used code to write "Hello World!".

Python has very simple code to write

print("Hello World!")

To write and run python code Click the Microsoft Azure Jupiter Notebook link :

And select your desire topic from the list.

You can practice from the above link or create your own library.

Now try showing :

"Hello programmer!"

I tried print("Hello programmer!")

And it's reply me with new line : Hello programmer!

That's it, I have done! This is how I start learning Python!

In Python programming every comments line start with # symbol.


#Program : "Hello World!" with comments
#Add a comment describing the code details

Task - Results :
#This is a comments and comments start with # symbol
print("Hello, World!")

Monday, March 5, 2018

Python - Intro!

What is python?

Ans : In general sense it is a computer programming language! Just remember it!

What tools do we need?

Ans : No software or tool needed for learn and practice python, you just need a internet connection with a laptop or PC.

Python tools :

You need a Microsoft account to access login into Azure.

After login into Azure with the link -, please follow the instruction below for running the code :

For first time goto -
1. Click Libraries
2. Click New Libraries
3. Give a Library Name and Library Unique ID
4. And Click Create

After creating new Library it will explore into the new created Library.
1. Click New
2. Type a Item name
3. Select a Item Type from the list
4. Select Python 3.6 and click new

Now select and open the new item.

Methods for running the code in a cell

  1. Click in the cell below and press "Ctrl+Enter" to run the code
  2. Click in the cell below and press "Shift+Enter" to run the code and move to the next cell
  3. Menu: Cell...
    a. > Run Cells runs the highlighted cell(s)
    b. > Run All Above runs the highlighted cell and above
    c. > Run All Below runs the highlighted cell and below

**Information is keep updating...

Friday, July 7, 2017

VPN connection with Tunnelblick easily in Mac for free!

Sometime you may wants to change your IP address for security reasons or some software/website restrict for some countries. Or access Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and any site which is blocked by your government or your administrator.

It's super easy to change your IP and location whenever you wish! Just follow the simple steps below.

Monday, February 20, 2017

How did Apple Computer get it's name?

What you think guys, how did Apple get it's name? There are different types of myths running. Today I am going to discuss one of them with you.

But before we go in deep, I would like to request you to see the pictures in the below: Do you guys recognize him, did you here his name ever before? The guys on the picture is Mr. Alan Turing.

Alan Turing (23rd June 1912 – 7th June 1954)