Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fix X-Force, Core Keygen, Pathcer UPX problem on macOS Sierra!

If you can't open or install crack for Autocad, Photshop and so many cracked software for mac, this tricks should be helpful for you! Try now!!!!!!

Problem : 

Problem facing like this!!!!! No worry follow the instruction below:

1. First download upx.out file from here.
2. Extract it to your desktop or move upx.out to your desktop.

3. Open finder

4. Drag upx.out (where it shows on picture)

5. upx.out in finder

6. Type -d and press space bar 

7. Open cracker

8. Copy or move to desktop

 9. Right click and click show package contents

10. Go contents - MacOS 

11. Drag x-force (your desired cracker file name) to terminal

12. Press Enter/Return give your administrator password if it's ask/prompt.


13. Yahoo! You are almost done! 

Cracker successfully open in macOS Sierra.
Feel free to ask any questions about any problem if you facing to do this...