Friday, July 7, 2017

VPN connection with Tunnelblick easily in Mac for free!

Sometime you may wants to change your IP address for security reasons or some software/website restrict for some countries. Or access Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and any site which is blocked by your government or your administrator.

It's super easy to change your IP and location whenever you wish! Just follow the simple steps below.

Monday, February 20, 2017

How did Apple Computer get it's name?

What you think guys, how did Apple get it's name? There are different types of myths running. Today I am going to discuss one of them with you.

But before we go in deep, I would like to request you to see the pictures in the below: Do you guys recognize him, did you here his name ever before? The guys on the picture is Mr. Alan Turing.

Alan Turing (23rd June 1912 – 7th June 1954)

No expertise need to build your own very simple website!

I am not a expert into website design and web development, but I can build my own website with few simple steps by the support of Google! But remember if you need to customize your website you must have to contact with a genius (I mean web designer and web developer - you have to value them).
I build this website for my boss, my Ideal! He is Mr. Swadesh Ranjan Saha who is honorable Council Chairperson of Multiple District 315 Lions Clubs International Bangladesh.
What did I do to build this website : 

Snappy Driver Installer - A great and free tools for your computer device driver software install or updates!

Your computer (PC or Laptop-Windows, BootCamp) driver software is not working, you are facing problem to install the device driver software? No problem and don't worry just download SDI software if your Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection is okay! If not ready to connect internet than just download full SDI installer portable with the help of your friend and you are done!

No hidden cost or charge! SDI (Snappy Driver Installer) is totally free and works quick and fine!
Snappy Driver Installer

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Successfilly complete the youth entrepreneurship training from B'YEAH at UCEP.

I am feeling proud that, I got the chance and successfully complete youth entrepreneurship training which was held on 12th February to 16th February at UCEP Bangladesh and arranged by B'YEAH (Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice & Help Centre). 

I was looking for such kind of program/training/help from long... I was wrong about Business Ideas and also wrong all about entrepreneurship means and it's working areas. Now I learn how to choose a business and how to start a business plan with step by step guide by my self to using some easy and common ethics, rules and ideas....

Not complete without B'YEAH with the help of YBI and financing by Comic Relief.....

Getting certificates from  Showket Hossain Sir

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