Monday, February 20, 2017

No expertise need to build your own very simple website!

I am not a expert into website design and web development, but I can build my own website with few simple steps by the support of Google! But remember if you need to customize your website you must have to contact with a genius (I mean web designer and web developer - you have to value them).
I build this website for my boss, my Ideal! He is Mr. Swadesh Ranjan Saha who is honorable Council Chairperson of Multiple District 315 Lions Clubs International Bangladesh.
What did I do to build this website : 

I Just buy domain & hosting only 1500/- And purchase a template from online only 60 USD. And spend some time to collect content and pictures (My another boss Mr. Farid Uddin Chowdhury Tipu - Help me a lot and guide me how to align the menu!).
So, lets try yourself today! You don't have to be a web designer and web expert to build your own very simple website!
Thanks in advance, please write comments if you have any suggestions and need help! You can also send me email!

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