Friday, July 7, 2017

VPN connection with Tunnelblick easily in Mac for free!

Sometime you may wants to change your IP address for security reasons or some software/website restrict for some countries. Or access Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and any site which is blocked by your government or your administrator.

It's super easy to change your IP and location whenever you wish! Just follow the simple steps below.

Step-1 : Download Tunnelblick from here -

Step-2 : Hope you already download! Open and copy TunnelBlick to your Application folder.

Step-3 : Open it and give your computer password if it's ask.

Step-4 : Go to and then click VPN Server Lists.

Step-5: Scroll down and select your desire country VPN if you wish, and click OpenVPN Config file.

Step-6 : Now download any of this "UDP" or "TCP" file and click to open after downloads.

Step-7 : Now you are done! Wait for green text for successful VPN connection.

Enjoy the free VPN connection on your Mac! This is so simple, but I provide all step with pictures for whom are totally new!

Hey, don't forget to give your feedback if find it helpful. And leave reply if you need any kind of help!!!!!!

Bye bye 

Happy computing!

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